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Thank you very much for your interest in becoming involved in the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund (HDSF). The mentoring calendar year begins in September and continues throughout the school year. 2008-2009 tentative Program Calendar.

Please read below for more information and to sign up to volunteer. If you have additional questions please contact Theodore Brannum, Program Director, at (202) 289-6157 or tbrannum@hoopdreams.org


HDSF was founded in 1996 by former District of Columbia Public School teacher Susie Kay. She taught American Government at H.D.Woodson, located east of the Anacostia River and in one of the city's more depressed neighborhoods for 13 years. Kay, along with friends and volunteers, launched what she intended to be a one-day charity basketball tournament that would galvanize the community while raising scholarship money on behalf of local high school students wanting to pursue their dreams of a college education and a successful professional career.

Since 1996, HDSF has grown into a year-round, comprehensive academic institution that works as an independent partner with some of the more resource challenged inner-city D.C. public high schools. Through a committed network of volunteers and supporters, like you, HDSF provides students with college preparation and life skills through mentoring, a career preparation program, which introduces our students to career development tools like resume workshops and seminars on navigating a professional work environment and SAT preparation. Since 1996, HDSF has helped send more than 920 DC students to college. The vast majority of whom are the first in their family to attend college and come from a single parent household.

The mentoring program is a key component to helping high school seniors navigate the college application and financial aid process. Another major goal of our mentoring program is the building of bridges of trust and understanding between our students and members of the greater Washington region's business and political communities. Our program pairs a D.C. public high school student with a member of the region's business or political community. Mentors help students set academic and career goals, research potential colleges and universities and guide them through the college application process.

Full Time Mentors

Note: All Full Mentor positions for the2008-2009 academic year have been filled.

One of the best rewards of being a full-time mentor is helping a promising high school student realize his or her academic and professional career potential. Being a full-time mentor means making a commitment to your student and your overall community. It's a privilege that should not be taken lightly and one that offers a number of satisfying rewards. Your role, while it may be challenging at times, comes with the real prospect of not only positively impacting the life of a high school student, but of having an equally profound impact on your own life.

Back Up Mentors and Logistical Volunteers

Individuals who are not able to commit to serving as full-time mentors should consider signing up to serve as back up mentors or logistical volunteers. Stand-in mentors will be called upon in the event that a regular mentor is unable to make a regularly scheduled workshop.

Logistical volunteers assist with registration, set up and clean up and as needed during each month's workshop. Logistical volunteers are usually not asked to remain for the entire workshop.

Back up and Logistical Volunteer Application

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